Heather Ames



The CELEST Catalyst brings industrial needs in and innovative technologies out of CELEST in order to create a more synergistic environment between academia and industry and to ensure successful technology transfer of CELEST models and ideas. The Catalyst is coordinated by Heather Ames and Max Versace. The Catalyst targets the following goals:

  • To work with CELEST labs to highlight the technology impact of their research on the internet.
  • To reach out to potential industrial partners that may be interested in using CELEST-based technologies, applying CELEST research, or hiring CELEST graduate students for careers after graduation or internships.
  • To assist in writing SBIR/STTR grants between small businesses and CELEST labs.
  • To be a liaison between CELEST labs and the Boston University School of Management (SMG) and to encourage CELEST students interested in entrepreneurship or industrial careers to take advantage of resources available in SMG including classes.
  • To provide resources such as tutorials or guest lectures on business plans, patenting, and how to start a company as well as organize career day events.
  • To support computing infrastructure including code repository, high performance computing resources, and robotics.
  • To encourage the creation of common framework for experimentalists and modelers to work collaboratively.